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NBG Programs

Possibility Index Intervention Workshops

The following workshops describe some of the relevant interventions that can be arranged.

Dealing with burnout

NBG has a program based on its apps that can help companies identify burnout early and make interventions while tracking improvement. Many people do not recognize that burnout occurs in stages and that with brainKbased methodologies we can prevent progression and the disastrous effects on companies.

Leading Change

There is a difference between what is unchangeable and what is difficult to change. NBG has identified brain regions that are capable of change and teach proprietary methodologies to enhance commitment to new ideas, help deal with switch costs, and sustain change in the face of volatility.

Enhancing Motivation

Carrot and stick methods of leadership do work (who doesn't love bonuses?) but alone they are highly ineffective if not combined with transformational constructs. NBG teaches brainKbased transformational leadership, how to execute on this, and how to know when intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is necessary.

Brain-based skills in imagination

Imagination is not simply a matter of having a 2 second wish in your head. It matters whether you imagine in the first or third person, whether you are stressed while imagining, or whether you imagine victory or coming from behind. NBG can teach the specifics of imagination.

Brain-based anxiety reduction and hope production

NBG teaches the basis of anxiety reduction and hope production in terms of brain science. This workshop focuses on anxiety, uncertainty and high-stakes situations.